Our Nature

EP 26: The Transformation From Within

Episode Summary

This week, I will not be putting out a typical Our Nature episode like I usually do because this is not a typical time. Many of us who are white are waking up to the ways that our unearned privilege has made us blind and passive to the ongoing suffering of Black people in America, suffering that has endured for over 400 years. Nature’s way is for the long haul. Nature’s brilliance evolves and unfolds over time. I do believe that if each of us who has benefited and continues to benefit from racial inequality does the deep work, work that sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable, we can truly begin to undo racism within ourselves and within our society. This moment is a movement, and it deserves our attention and sustained support. As my favorite spiritual teacher Tara Brach says “Each of us has a medicine to bring to these times.” I invite you to reflect on what medicine you uniquely bring – a revolution has many lanes.