Our Nature

EP 22: How Nature Can Be Our Greatest Teacher With Biomimicry Student Azita Ardakani

Episode Summary

This week, I’m speaking with Azita Ardakani all about biomimicry, which according to Azita, is about revealing nature’s strategies to solve problems or create new innovations. She’s currently studying biomimicry at Arizona State University, but prior to this, Azita had an incredibly successful career living in New York City as the founder of Lovesocial, a communications agency that landed her on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. I don’t want to give too much away because I think Azita should share her story in her own words, but Azita chose a radical path and left her agency and life in New York for an extended moment of pause and contemplative connection with the natural world. Her story is nature’s story - resilient, complex, full of opposites, and ever expansive.