Our Nature

EP 17: In Observation of the Natural World With Photographer Molly Steele

Episode Notes

This week on Our Nature, I spoke with Molly Steele, a Los Angeles-based analog photographer who whose work evokes an emotional discourse of intimacy, nature and alternate lifestyles separate from the status quo. I first came across Molly’s photographs in 2015 on Instagram and fell in love with the very personal way she captures the natural world. What also struck me about Molly was watching her embark on solo excursions into the wilderness, something I could never fathom doing out of fear of being alone with nature. Aside from talking about courage and inspiration, we discuss many things: Molly’s path to becoming a photographer, why she doesn’t keep plants in her home, what it’s like to go solo into nature, why people are so unfulfilled today, why we sometimes resist nature even though we know it can be healing for us, and what photographing the natural world has taught her about herself. This conversation was so interesting and eye opening for me, I know it will make you reconsider the way you interact with nature and with other people going forward. Enjoy the wonderful and wise Molly Steele.



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  1. What is your favorite place in nature? The Northern California coastline - the lost coast.
  2. What is the animal, mineral or plant that resonates with you the most? Bryophytes - mosses really thrive in wet environments and are humble presenting.
  3. What is one thing we can do right now to connect with the natural world and bring more harmony into our lives? Put down your phone, step outside your door and look up for five minutes. If you feel good having done that, go further because it’s worth it.
  4. What’s the greatest lesson nature has taught you? That humans are trash and it’s all our fault.
  5. Nature brings me…Life.