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EP 14: Naturally Radiant Skin With Skincare Expert Jenna Levine of LINNÉ Botanicals

Episode Notes

How can we care for our skin naturally? And, why does it matter what we put on our skin in the first place? We’ll answer these questions and more as we dive into the world of natural skincare with Jenna Levine of LINNÉ Botanicals. Jenna turned a childhood passion into a career when she started her line of non-toxic skincare named after famed Swedish Botanist Carl Von Linné. Whether you are a skincare superfan who wants to build upon your knowledge or, someone who doesn’t know much about skincare and skincare practices at all (ahem, me), I know you’ll love this episode.

In this episode, Jenna shares how her background in botany and permaculture offered amazing foundational knowledge for starting LINNÉ Botanicals. We discuss how to properly source and use essential oils, why you can use all the oils on your skin and it can still be dry, retinol and where it exists in nature, how to massage out wrinkles, what to do if you have acne prone skin and are afraid to switch to natural products, how to shop for non-toxic skincare, to sunscreen or not to sunscreen, proper exfoliation practices and so much more.


"I think the whole term anti-aging is funny. How wonderful to be alive and to be aging gracefully." - Jenna Levine


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  1. What is your favorite place in nature?Where the mountains meet the sea.
  2. What is the animal, mineral or plant that resonates with you the most? I love old, twisty, olive trees with crazy bark and ripe little fruits. I started my skincare journey by pouring olive oil all over my body. It’s always my go-to in a pinch.
  3. What is one thing we can do right now to connect with the natural world and bring more harmony into our lives? Step outside wherever you are and take a deep breath
  4. What’s the greatest lesson nature has taught you? To be receptive
  5. Nature brings me…Joy.